Public Programs offered through the NSCDA-NJ

Since its founding in 1891, the NCSDA has worked to preserve our shared American history. The stories we record now will become the shared memories of tomorrow. These stories will allow our descendants to peek into the window of our lives as well as the lives of our ancestors. The Historical Activities Committee of the NSCDA-NJ has begun programs in four areas that would be of interest to all Dames.

The NSCDA-NJ offers select virtual and in-person programs and events to members of peer organizations and the public throughout the year. Some are directly through the New Jersey Dames, and others are hosted by NSCDA National. Check our current offerings below:

NSCDA-NJ Historical Activities Committee
2022-2023 Offerings

“We Grew It Here”: 100 Years of New Jersey’s Horticultural History

January 14, 2023 at 1:00pm

Featuring Dr. Leslie Parness, former Director of Education for the Morris County Parks Association.

Think New Jersey only grows tomatoes?  Think again.  New Jersey was once the pinnacle for peaches, the ultimate for orchids, the tops for turf.  Nineteenth century New Jersey plant nurseries led the nation with their innovative breeding, greenhouse, field, and marketing techniques.  Meet the horticultural superstars who made New Jersey their home. Impresarios, hermits, academics, politicos, and a cast of unlikely characters will make you a believer – New Jersey truly is the “Garden State.”